Treating Asthma with Honey

Asthma is a disease which is common among all age groups. Its severity depends on how progressively it is treated. Many people who have acute asthma face sudden attack problems very frequently. These attacks can be quite enervating and annoying at times and need to be managed instantly.

Asthma causes breathing problems and has cures depending on the severity of asthma. But there are a few remedies which are of use for the treatment of asthma no matter how severe or acute the disease is.

Honey is one of those home remedies which is very useful in treating this common chronic disease. Honey proves to be of assistance in more than one ways depending upon the gravity of the problem.

There are multiple ways in which honey can be used to get relief from the problem related to asthma. Let’s discuss a few of these tricks one by one.

  1. Warm water and honey

The most common method of consuming honey healthily is by adding it to a glass of warm water and drinking it. Consuming honey in such a way helps to get rid of occasional coughing as it liquefies the mucus and enables you to get it out of your system. This remedy can be repeated several times in a day depending on the condition of your cough.

  1. With ginger and fenugreek seeds

Consuming honey with ginger and fenugreek seeds not only helps you get rid of a cough but also helps you to detoxify the lungs. It is an excellent remedy for people suffering from regular cold and cough and has asthma-related severe issues.

  1. Honey and cinnamon powder

It helps in dissolving the phlegm present in your airways and also opens the clogged airways. Taking one spoon honey with cinnamon at night before sleeping can help you get rid of all the bacterial and fungal enzymes and hence detoxify your system.

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